The Characters of Wallace and Ladmo

This web page will be dedicated to the characters of the Wallace and Ladmo Show, usually characterized by Pat McMahon.  Maybe I am gullible, but it wasn't until I had watched the show for many years, and was quite a bit older, around 13 or so, but I didn't realize that most of these characters were played by one person.  ;)  As I get time I will put in a lot more picutures here to bring back the memories.  I would like to thank very heavily View Designs, Inc. for giving me the permission to include these pictures on the web.  The pictures come from the book about Wallace and Ladmo which can be purchased by View Designs.  Thanks.  To return to my page, go to or

Featured Characters

Captain Super

Justice!!!  That is what is meant by our super hero Captain Super.  When he arrived on the show, he would display his "super human" strength, which probably would have been the equivalent of about a mouse. ;)  Captain Super stood for every good in America, and he was confident in his own ego!  As a child, I was always confused by two things - his mask which didn't seem to cover much of his face, as well the question to why he was wearing football shoulder pads.  According to sources, Captain Super is now active in the media with a series of infomercials "Stop the Liberal Insanity!".

Marshall Good

Ladmo, could you spare some money to help out an old friend???  Marshall Good was a good fellow, but usually down on his luck.  He was an out of work actor who really didn't have much acting talent.  At the moment, I cannot remember his horse's name, did he have a horse? -- better yet, could he even RIDE a horse??? According to sources, he is now the executor of the famed "Marshall Good Foundation for Itinerant Cowboys", and his telethons have raied millions to help him and his efforts.
Boffo the Clown
Boffo the Clown, originally known as Ozob, was Phoenix's answer to you know who.....  The problem is, that no kid in his right mind would have hired Boffo to do their birthday party, especially with what Boffo used to do with those balloons!!!  Boffo was never really in a good mood, and he truly hated kids.  Don't ask me why he chose the life as a clown for his career.  As a kid, I was always confused as to why he wore clothes that looked like they came from the Wonder Bread packaging. :)    According to sources, Boffo is now in Sarasota, Florida where he has been appointed the Dean of Discipline at the Clown College.

The Wizard

DID YOU KNOW? ...  The Wizard was alway a great wealth of knowledge for us kids and Ladmo.  Every day he would come in and give us some new tidbit of information that we could use in our daily life. ;)  As a child I was always wondering why he was wearing a dunce hat on his head, and why he had such a funny mustache.

Aunt Maud

Can I read you a story?... Aunt Maud was the nice ol' lady who used to come in and read us a story, but the stories used to have their own little twist that didn't seem to come out the way we would expect.  I think I remember that Aunt Maud used to have a thing for Wallace, but for sure, she had a major thing for Officer Bob.  I never realized that there was some type of similarity between Aunt Maud and the Jonathan Winters Grandma character.  As a kid, I always wondered why Aunt Maude used to have hairy arms.  According to sources, Aunt Maud has acquired exclusive ownership of the Sun City Bungee Jumping Center.